The Argyle Diamond

The Argyle Diamond

The Argyle Diamond

The pinnacle of rarity among its peers for its extraordinary combination of size, colour and clarity, The Argyle Violet is both a mystical beauty and a diamond of historic significance.


Argyle diamonds

Argyle Diamonds – Western Australia…

Formed more than one and half billion years ago, and hidden in the deep reserve of the Argyle Diamond Mine lay the promise of a diamond that was impossibly rare. The 2015 discovery of the 9.17 carat rough diamond exhibiting purple hues was an astonishing yet thrilling moment in Argyle’s history; as never before had a diamond of this colour and significant size been discovered in Australia.

Impossibly rare. – 9.17 carat rough diamond…

The 2015 discovery of the 9.17 carat rough diamond, reminiscent of a meteor, the unusual rough diamond shape was characterized by deep grooves and an a uneven surface, bringing an other worldliness to this extraordinary miracle of nature. Recognizing the significance of the diamond, a polishing plane employing a blend of science and technology was completed over many months – however the ultimate and final challenge rested in the careful and expert hands of a single master craftsman.


argyle purple diamond

Art meets science…

For more than 80 hours, the expert handcrafting of the history-making diamond took place with focused determination to unlock the single band of saturated violet colour running through the heart of the stone.

The resulting 2.83 carat oval shape, with colour grading of Fancy Deep Greyish Bluish Violet from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), is the only violet diamond of this colour seen in the history of the Argyle Diamonds Tender, making it un-rivalled in its rarity.

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