The Purple Orchid Diamond


Many people have asked if natural purple diamonds really exist, and interestingly enough the answer is, absolutely!

Diamonds are formed from elements that compounded together over millions of years. Most of the time it is straight carbon, but everyone once in a while, different elements find their way in there and cause a fantastic hue of other natural colours. In the case of Purple diamonds, the colour is the result of an unusually high presence of Hydrogen.

Purple diamonds are rare and unique and are special alternatives to the colourless diamond. Additionally, since Purple diamonds are so very rare it is one of the “must have” diamonds for diamond collectors. No collection is complete without some of the rarest colour diamonds on the planet, and Purple diamonds most definitely fall into this category.



Most diamond dealers will never get to see or hold a pure Purple diamond, however much they may want to. Nevertheless, the pursuit after Purple diamonds never ends, as they are some of the most beautiful natural specimen known to exist.

Purple diamonds are found in 4 major areas in the world – in Russia, Brazil, Australia and South Africa.

The diamonds from Russia display the lightest touch of blue – so poetic in that they remind us of the large cold, sweeping expanse of their interior. Brazil’s purples radiate a deep orange pink colour with a darkish palette as the colour’s base. This of course brings to mind the stunning South American country’s vistas and grandiose sunsets. The Purples and Intense Pinkish purples from South Africa display the absolute best brilliance and purple sparkle – the Pinkish Purple colour from Kimberley, South Africa, is the absolute most appealing purple with a seductive purple colour and inconceivable luster. The Purple Orchid diamond came from this mine.





Purple diamonds are few and far between, and large ones or those with the best colour are even more rare. As it happens with all monumental diamond discoveries, the owners of the diamond travelled to many of the main trading hubs to show it off and thus generate interest from the appropriate buying parties.

Having been purchased, after four months of carefully polishing the stone, the result was a once in a lifetime 3.37 carat Fancy Intense Pinkish Purple cushion shaped diamond with VS2 clarity, the colour of a gorgeous radiant purple Orchid in full bloom.

The $4 Million diamond was put on display to the public for the first time at the Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair.



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